How to Make 3D Pictures From DVD Movies

When you look at a picture in an online photo gallery, do you see yourself? Or do you see an abstract art painting or a photograph with amazing 3D effects?

To make a 3D print using DVD movies, first you will need a DVD player with a digital-video recorder. Then use your DVD player’s built-in video camera and zoom in on a picture, then cut it with scissors into three pieces.

Next, use the DVD burner on your computer to copy the pieces into your DVD disc. Photoshop can also be used to make a “warp” effect with photographs, making all parts of a photograph appear to be on the same plane. Photoshop is particularly good for transforming regular pictures into 3d pictures by inserting your own 3D glasses to really bring the image to life!

Then, take your “DVD photo” to your computer and get your hands on a photo editing program. Many free programs are available on the Internet. After you have installed the program on your PC, click on the DVD button, select the picture from your PC, and click “Burn DVD”. Your “DVD photo” will now be saved onto your “DVD disc.”

You will need to be careful when copying your DVD photos onto your CD/DVD because not all software programs are compatible with the burning process. In particular, some Windows versions may be too slow to read the data from a DVD disc. In other words, make sure the software you are using is compatible with your Windows version before proceeding.

Finally, before putting your CD/DVD back into the drive, you should carefully wipe the outer surface with a CD cleaner. If you do not wipe the surface, dust will be attracted to the CD and make your “DVD” spin around in your drive, thus reducing the quality of your new DVD movie!

You can now go ahead and burn the video on your DVD. The process is quite simple. The CD/DVD burner software will prompt you to burn a specific number of “DVD video discs”. Choose the number of DVDs that you want to burn, then click “Burn” and wait for the process to finish.

In order to create a 3D picture from your DVD video, you will need to have a special software program called a Video Copier. This program will allow you to convert your DVD pictures into a computer file format. You can then print your newly created video on a regular CD or DVD.

Once your newly created DVD has been burned, you can keep it on your desktop. and display it whenever you want. A DVD viewer is useful to check how your “DVD” looks while on display. The CD/DVD burner software will also allow you to save and preserve your “DVD” for future use.